A Little About Me

So many good triathletes I meet and speak to who compete at a decent (or any) level, don’t understand why or how best to incorporate strength training into their plan. Whatever level you’re competing at, a structured and consistent S&C plan should be present in order to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to fit it in, and also how to do so without it affecting the quality of other sessions throughout the week – especially when it’s hard enough to fit in the amount of swim, bike and run required.

As an amateur athlete who has trained and worked towards qualifying for Kona (The Ironman World Championships in Hawaii) and competing in Ironman and ultra-marathon events, over the years I have picked up more injuries than I can remember. It wasn’t until I qualified as a PT coach, that I started to understand why. Think about it, each of the three disciplines in triathlon uses a completely different set of muscles and movements for a significant amount of time – it doesn’t take long before problems start to arise.

So, why Pilates?

One of those injuries happened in my back. Have you ever had a spine injury? It’s pretty debilitating… especially if you love to train. My rehab was all focused around Pilates as it’s an incredible training method to support back health. It didn’t take long for me to realise that Pilates is actually the perfect supplement to triathlon training, which is why I became qualified and haven’t looked back.

Finally, why this programme?

As an amateur athlete myself with a full time job, plenty of hobbies and a busy social life… I know fitting in triathlon training is hard enough, without having to think about strength training, pilates, nutrition etc. I understand that we’re all time poor and want to focus any spare on clocking up miles, so I wanted to develop a programme that could be done from anywhere, that is quick, fun, and something people can stick to.

Most importantly, I wanted to create a community of like-minded people with a platform for us to delve into everything from favourite triathlon races, to the choice of the weekend G&T!

Em x